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Report Story “Am I interrupting? Who is this guy? Maybe the masquerade idea wasn’t so great since we could only see his eyes and mouth. Jamal spoke up, “Babe, you know this guy? Which is why I would like to ask you for this dance. There’s something deep down telling me I know him, but I don’t recognize. Maybe we were childhood friends and he moved away.

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Wiseau played cleverly by James Franco is undeterred. Because his self-released movie, The Room, did find its audience, and has become an enduring source of joy to thousands of fans who celebrate the movie’s ineptness in midnight screenings all over the globe. Is it the worst movie ever? But Franco’s film he directs is a different beast, and its subject, The Room, is a different kind of bad. Ed Wood was a director.

27 Worst Dates Ever The bad, the ugly, and the uglier a collection of the worst date stories ever.

The kind that returns us to a borderline prelinguistic state where all we can do is mutter: There were films about Pompeii and burning buildings in the very early days of movies. To do so, however, we had to set some ground rules: We excluded movies that were also creature features or alien-invasion movies. We also skipped films that were mostly about the aftermath of a disaster, instead of the disaster itself. That may sound like a lot of caveats, but the list is still pretty thorough and wide-ranging.

This star-studded epic, however, may have been his purest throwback to the s. Most viewers these days might reverse that statement. But I still find it hard not to think of these two asteroid-headed-for-the-Earth films, which opened within a few weeks of each other in , as partners in crime on some level. One film focused on the doomed people back here on Earth; the other focused on the space cowboys trying to blow the big space rock up real good.

These two are the yin and yang of giant-asteroid movies. But oh, what glorious chaos! The effects are a bit dated, but director Mark Robson put the city through such a wringer that the breadth of the destruction is breathtaking. Schoedsack and Merian C.

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I shared that one of mine was when I called the guy the wrong name the entire time without knowing. He finally pointed it out to me. Dear GOD it was bad.

Dating disasters, found on AskReddit. 1. She bought me chocolate, then broke up with me, then ate my chocolate. My girlfriend of 8 months bought me chocolate, then broke up with me, then proceeded to cry on my shoulder about family problems, then ate my chocolate. 2. She asked if my parents were.

Does fire unnerve you? A librarian, bookseller, or acquaintance should be able to suggest books more appropriate for your fragile temperament. How far will she go to bury the Hello Kitty stereotype forever? Living with American families to blend in, they are planning an unspecified act of massive terrorism that will bring this big dumb country and its fat dumb inhabitants to their knees.

Palahniuk depicts Midwestern life through the eyes of this indoctrinated little killer in a cunning double-edged satire of American xenophobia. How does one writer hurt another writer? This is the question novelist Richard Tull mills over. It is not science fiction. Ned drops down a hole in a golf course. Luna meets a man made of light bulbs at a tanning parlor.

‘My Tinder nightmare’ Singles share their horror stories

I will definitely fulfill all your dreams. I don’t charge for Suzan Various Areas Hi gents If you wish to be in the company of natural beauties, then here I am

Think you had a bad date? Perhaps it is not as terrible as it could have been. Read some of these dating disaster stories. Be sure to check out our collection of Romantic Disaster stories too.

Touhou Project is a series of Japanese Computer Games. You’ve probably never heard of it, but that’s OK. Just The Facts All of the Characters are little girls. Despite what Fact 1 may lead you to believe, the games are extremely difficult. The Touhou Fanbase has achieved levels of craziness that make other Fanbases look downright lazy.

He likes Beer and Agatha Christie Novels. He is a Japanese Programmer and Game Designer. He runs his own independent development studio, named ‘Team Shanghai Alice’. In spite of what the word ‘Team’ may lead you believe, he is the only member. He produces a series of games called ‘Touhou Project’.

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People from all walks of life recounted their true stories in pop-up recording booths. Over the past ten years, almost , people have participated in StoryCorps; often family members interview each other. One theme that keeps emerging:

20+ Hilarious First-Date Disasters That Will Make You Laugh. I feel like most of these people were dating waaay too soon after a previous breakup. 10 points. reply. Judy Semmens 2 Man Shares A Heartbreaking Story About The ‘Third Man’ In The Famous Photo From The Olympics 20+ Couples That Absolutely Won Halloween “My Daughter.

This I had to see. So I headed to Heathrow yesterday morning, where I soon found myself being thrust into the show. After registering at a desk outside Terminal 2, I was given a discreet flower to wear denoting my part in the show and sent off on my immersive journey. And so I did. A photo from rehearsals for the “Ahead of Time” performance Credit: She would be flying the plane, I was told.

And so it began. He was an actor on probably the most bizarre assignment of his year. From there I was a passenger, literally and metaphorically. It was a welcome distraction from the tedium of security and the constant feeling of being sold to in the terminal. And that was the neat trick, the slight of hand, because we were being sold to; we were being sold Iceland and we were being sold Icelandair. Travellers throughout the ages, basically.

We would later learn of their connection to the airline. Valerie, the glamorous Sixties tour rep, was my favourite.

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We actually go to the prom and have a really good time until near the end we are dancing and really enjoying ourselves. She screams at Bryan and tells him what a jerk he is for actually going with me…. And we start fighting right there. My Bryan steps in and pulls us apart with the help of a few of his friends, and we get dragged out before the administrators notice.

Having kissed my fair share of frogs on Tinder, I can attest that dating is horrible. The worst. Luckily, bad date stories are supremely entertaining and very fun to tell.

Occasionally, even the target of the insult can admire the sheer comedy value of the joke, in which case it can border on Insult Backfire. May go hand-in-hand with Self-Deprecation jokes. See also Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales. In-Universe Examples Only though Real Life examples are allowed if the target of the joke thought it was funny: When Haruka shows Yukino the photo, however, Yukino briefly cracks a smile before quickly clearing her throat, as Natsuki happens to be in the room with them.

Starmon’s reaction to the Digimon Emperor who he works for being called an “Earth reject” in an episode of Digimon Adventure In the fifth episode of Kotoura-san , Manabe gives Kotoura an embarrassing photo of Moritani, a girl that had recently befriended Kotoura after previously tormenting her. Kotoura tells Manabe off because giving that photo is a mean thing to do.

Once alone though, she can’t help but crack up, and spends the whole of the next day trying not to around Moritani. She uses the photo as a pick-me-up at the episode’s end after a failure in a relay race.

Epic Blind Date Fails: 10 Incredible Stories