Shannon Sharpe blasts Michael Vick: ‘You are a convicted felon!’

A Fontana man was fatally shot by two men whom he confronted about littering in front of his home, police said Wednesday in announcing the arrest of two suspects. Alfredo Rodriguez, left, and Rodolfo Nunez are shown in photos released Aug. The shooting occurred about July 10 in the block of Tokay Avenue. Officers found Kofu Ofakitonga in his driveway, suffering from a gunshot wound to his lower extremities. He was taken to a hospital, where he died, Fontana police said at the time. He was 24, a police spokesman said.

The Police Wife Life: Selfish Is Not an Option

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. In Virginia, it will be arrested at site and book at police station when arrived. If happed at weekend, it will stay in jail until bond out or seeing judge on Monday.

Is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you and Leroy had hardly passed beyond the rock slide before the police officer dating a felon it was not without heavy misgivings that I thus bound myself, for.

Erica Rivera, 27, was fired from the force last August for dating a man with a criminal record after a two-year investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau that included questioning her about sex partners and secretly trailing her while off-duty. After the photo was taken, Perez went to prison for a nonfatal stabbing, Rivera told the Daily News.

A month later, under questioning by IAB, she denied any intimate relationship with the ex-boyfriend. The matter appeared to be closed until the spring of , when a new allegation reached IAB about another boyfriend with a sketchy background. Rivera was later told that Mann had been arrested for failing to pay child support. Rivera was ordered under threat of being fired to say whether she was involved in a sexual relationship with Mann. She acknowledged that they were intimate but that she had only dated him on-and-off for about three months and had no knowledge of his criminal record, her lawyer told The News.

Sanders pointed out the apparent double standard of top City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger, who failed to disclose on a background check that she was living with a convicted killer but remains working for the city. The NYPD prohibits cops from associating with people involved in criminal activity. An NYPD spokeswoman said cops are subject to termination if they are found to violate department policies while in their probationary period. Rivera was stripped of her guns and shield on Aug.

When she filed for unemployment payments, the NYPD objected and wrote a letter to the Labor Department stating that she was fired for associating with criminals, which increased the likelihood she would engage in criminal conduct, Rivera said.

Police: 55-year-old felon on supervision shot, wounded by officer after pursuit

Those individuals have been booked with, not convicted of, the offenses shown. All accused should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Eric Ponthieux, 17, Marcel Blvd. Kristin Regan, 24, E. Donna Washington, 43, Fieldcrest Drive, Thibodaux, possession and distribution of a legend drug with prescription, no headlight, DWI. Elton Verdin, 38, Bayou Dularge Road, Theriot, two counts of domestic abuse battery, failure to appear in court, resisting an officer with force or violence, possession of meth less than 28 grams, battery of a police officer.

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The Legal Update is intended to inform Michigan’s police officers of recent changes in the law. Although the information provided in the Legal Update is current as of the date of publication, case law, statutes, and opinions change frequently. Therefore, officers should always consult their local prosecutor’s office before applying any information found in the Update. E-mail Subscriptions Employees of any law enforcement agency may receive the Update via e-mail by submitting a request through our subscription page or by sending an e-mail to MSPLegal michigan.

The e-mail must include the following information: The Michigan Penal Code amended to repeal the crime of possession of a mechanical knife; Vehicle Code: The Michigan Vehicle Code amended to allow for the electronic display of motor vehicle registration; Vehicle Code: The Michigan Vehicle Code amended to expand the requirements for leaving an unattended vehicle on a highway. Michigan Penal Code amended to add the crime of aiming a beam of directed energy at an aircraft or train; Forfeiture:

2 Felons Fatally Shot Fontana Man After He Confronted Them About Littering Outside His Home: Police

In 20 years of service, he earned 13 commendations and a letter of praise from the Department of Justice. From — he served as the commander of the Area 2 Violent Crimes Unit until he was promoted to commander of the Bomb and Arson Unit in In February , there were several shootings of law enforcement officers on Chicago’s South Side: Burge was eager to catch those responsible and launched a wide effort to pick up suspects and arrest them.

An aquaintance of mine was testing for our local city police agency. He was a cop at the time on another department. His girlfriend was a convicted felon, and as a result he .

According to Season 4, he served 39 years on the force suggesting he joined the BPD in When Judge Phelan questioned Deputy Commissioner Burrell about the Barksdale operation, it was Majors Foerster and Rawls who faced his subsequent wrath and demands for more information. Foerster’s response was to ask his shift lieutenant Cedric Daniels for a report and he then assigned Daniels and his team to the Barksdale detail.

When Daniels’s investigation became drawn out and relied upon wiretaps and surveillance, Foerster took the side of Deputy Commissioner Burrell against Daniels when he tried to explain the necessity of this technique to reach the heads of the organization. Foerster’s and Burrell’s insistence on using buy busts led to the operation that resulted with the shooting of Detective Greggs. Foerster visited Greggs in the hospital with many other command officers and appeared anxious when trying to find a tape recorder to replay the last transmissions before she was shot.

Foerster was promoted to colonel and took over as commander of the criminal investigations division when Rawls was promoted to deputy commissioner of operations. He attended Rawls’ weekly comstat meetings and worked with Sergeant Jay Landsman in running the homicide division. He was put under intense pressure to keep the murder rate down.

Officials: City employee, man convicted of killing police officer among 25 arrested in sweep

Law enforcement responded to the home on Old Plash Island Road, but did not locate Thomas when they went inside. However, they did find the weapon inside the home, which is believed to be the gun used in the domestic violence incident. Thomas has a warrant for his arrest on a charge of Domestic Violence by Strangulation which is Class B felony and additional charges could be filed in the future. Gulf Shores Police say there is no imminent danger to the community, and the search was called off around 7: If you have information about Thomas or his whereabouts, please contact the Gulf Shores Police Communication Center at

There’s nothing illegal about a corrections officer marrying a convicted felon. However, that’s not to say that it can’t affect the officer’s employment prospects in the future. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that prohibits any employer from considering an employee’s spouse’s criminal record when considering promotions or continued employment.

Contact Author We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s something about a man in uniform. Being the wife of a police officer is not for the weak, self centered, needy, clingy, insecure, or high maintenance type of woman. I remember him calling me for the first time on his lunch break from his patrol car. Within 10 minutes it became very clear that if a relationship with a police officer was anything like trying to carry on a simple phone conversation with a police officer, “challenging” was going to be an understatement.

Between the radio squawking in the background, the interruptions of other officers talking back and forth, his attention being distracted by passing traffic, and the mid-sentence “I have to call you back” which happened at least five times during that first 30 minute conversation , I knew I was in store for something on a whole other level. Police marriages fall victim to an extremely high divorce rate, and there is a good reason for that.

Let me start off by saying, just as in all professions, there is good and bad in everything somewhere down the line. It is true that there are good cops who honor the badge and bad cops who don’t. Those who uphold their duty as officers, and honor the badge, far outweigh those who do not. And those who do not should be held accountable for abusing their power, stripped of it, and punished accordingly.

Just as in all professions, the good cops will tell you they have no appreciation or tolerance for those who misuse their power and in turn, contribute to the negative image many have of the police. It is difficult sometimes even talking to family or close friends about a life in law enforcement due to so many misconceptions of the true character of the majority of officers.

West Allis police: Convicted felon on probation arrested after police pursuit

Sharman Sacchetti BOSTON WHDH – A man convicted of killing a Boston police officer nearly 45 years ago and a city employee were among the 25 people from the Brockton and Boston areas who were arrested on firearm and drug charges as part of two coordinated, multi-department crime operations. Former staffer of Boston city councilor nabbed in massive drug sweep U.

Gary Webster, 35, of Boston. Walker, 63, of East Falmouth, was released from prison after serving 18 years of a life sentence. He is now facing gun and firearm charges.

Police officers should avoid relationships with people who have warrants or are actively involved in criminal activity. This may be very easy for some officers, and very difficult for others. For example, I arrested a young woman late one night for DUI and driving with a revoked driver’s license.

Save The man accused of fatally shooting a New Orleans policeman early Friday managed to recover from being shocked with a stun gun to kill the officer moments later, according to documents released Saturday. An arrest warrant for Darren Bridges, 30, on counts of first-degree murder and other offenses gives the most complete account yet made public about how authorities believe he gunned down year-old Officer Marcus McNeil in the vicinity of the block of Cindy Place, in New Orleans East.

Bridges was later shot by one of McNeil’s colleagues, and he surrendered to authorities rather than bleed to death in his nearby apartment, the warrant says. The warrant cites video showing McNeil was in a blue tactical uniform identifying him as a police officer when he encountered Bridges, who was carrying a backpack investigators said they later learned contained illegal drugs.

Young cop, father killed in New Orleans East; career criminal arrested On patrol early Friday in New Orleans East, a young police officer and his colleague spotted… According to the warrant, the video shows a tussle broke out between McNeil and Bridges, who brandished what is described as “a unique firearm. Bridges dropped his backpack during the struggle. At some point, the warrant says, McNeil fired his stun gun at Bridges and struck him, but the weapon “appeared ineffective,” and the fight continued.

Several gunshots then were fired, and McNeil could be heard screaming, the warrant says. There was a pause, and then one more gunshot rang out, leaving McNeil unresponsive, with his service pistol still in his holster.

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